2d ternary contour map

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Onkar Khadke
Onkar Khadke on 24 Aug 2021
Commented: Onkar Khadke on 29 Aug 2021
I have x, y, z independent data of same size . I also have a dependent data 'w' on these three xyz variables with same size. I want to plot a 2d ternary diagram wherein each side of the triangle depicts the variation of x y z,and inside of the triangle depicts the variation of w. Please help me with this regard. Thank you matlab community
Onkar Khadke
Onkar Khadke on 26 Aug 2021
Thanks Chunru for your suggested links. However, implementing the code described in those links is challenging for a new user to MATLAB like me. If you can help me in understanding the scripts that are attached in those links, please help me with that regard. For your reference I am sharing my data file with you, so that you may give a try by implementing my data in those scripts. The filename A.mat contains my data, with first three columns should come on the three sides of the triangle and the fourth column in A.mat should vary inside the triangle with different colors. I hope that you will help me as I am a new user to MATLAB.
Also, sharing and helping improves us in some or the other way.

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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 26 Aug 2021
Read about delaunayTriangulation. This is your function.
x = rand(10,1) ;
y = rand(10,1) ;
z = rand(10,1) ;
w = rand(10,1) ;
dt = delaunayTriangulation(x,y) ;
t = dt.ConnectivityList ;
trisurf(t,x,y,z,w) ;
shading interp ;
If you are not able to get it, you may share your data.
Onkar Khadke
Onkar Khadke on 29 Aug 2021
There will be just one triangle @darova. The dimensions of the triangle will be dictated by data points. Please refer to the attached figure .png file with the name screenshot in the earlier chats.

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