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Kundan Prasad
Kundan Prasad on 20 Aug 2021
R=10; %% radius of workpiece
f=0.5; %% feed rate in mm/min
s=50; %% spindle speed in rpm
N=100; %% no of points in one revoultions
Ax=2; %% amptitude in x-direction
Ay=2; %% amptitude in y-direction
lx=2.5; %% wavelenght in x-direction
ly=2.5; %% wavelenght in y-direction
n=((R*s*N)/f)+1; %% total number of points for given function
t=0.5; %% tool nose radius
Pi = (pi); %% storing the value of pi
for i=1:n
r(i)=(R-((i-1)*a)); %% calculation of radial distance
theta(i)= ((i-1)*(2*Pi/N)); %% calculation of theta
x(i)=(r(i)*cos(theta(i))); %% converting polar to cartesian for x
y(i)=(r(i)*sin(theta(i))); %% converting polar to cartesian for y
Z(i)=((Ax*cos(2*Pi*x(i)/lx))+(Ay*cos(2*Pi*y(i)/ly))); %% calcualtion of height for given function
view(-80,75) %% 3d surface plot
for j=1:n-1
u(j) = r(j);
p(j) = Z(j);
u(j+1) = r(j+1);
p(j+1) = Z(j+1);
m(j) =((p(j+1) - p(j))./(u(j+1)-u(j)));
newth(j+1) = atan(-m(j));
J(j)=G(j).*cos(newth(j+1)); %% converting polar to cartesian for x
K(j)=G(j).*sin(newth(j+1)); %% converting polar to cartesian for y
H(j)= Z(j)+(t*cos(newth(j+1)))-t;
For figure (1) , three part i.e. part-I-III equation has been used to plot. I am able to generate the figure (1) plot with given equation successfully. Part -IV equation shows the some modification of part-I and part-II equations and figure (2) plot should be according to this modification. Figure (2) should be somewhat similiar to figure (1), but i am getting totally different result. Can you please look into the code how it can be corrected??
Thank you

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