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How do I get four different answers guaranteed generated randomly from several arrays?

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I'm a beginner and coding for a personal project to add a little automation to my life. Right now I'm stuck on receiving 4 different answers in two different arrays. I have two matrices of different sizes, one is for lunches and the other has dinners and they share a few meals between them. I want to randomly choose 2 lunches and 2 dinners without any repeats. How could I make sure to generate 4 different meals?
This is the lunch and dinner matrix, you'll see they share a few items.
This is my current code, which randomly generates 4 meals, but sometimes there is a repeat of a meal, which I don't want.

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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 18 Aug 2021
One way is to put the two random selections inside a while loop, check whether any meals are repeated, and then only exit the loop when there are no repeats.

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