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button in a figure

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Dimitrios on 3 Jun 2014
Answered: David Sanchez on 5 Jun 2014
How to add a button in a figure that changes the line style of a subplot,without using GUIDE?
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the cyclist
the cyclist on 3 Jun 2014
Maybe I misunderstand, but isn't a button that a user pushes, by definition, a graphical user interface?

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Answers (1)

David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 5 Jun 2014
try this:
S.f = figure; S.h=plot(rand(10,1)); % creates a figure and plot something on it
% create a pushbtton ( adapt it to your needs)
S.pb = uicontrol('style','push',...
'position',[10 10 180 40],...
'string','Change line',...
%callback function for the pushbutton (save it in its own *.m file if needed)
function pb_call(varargin)
S = varargin{3}; % Get the structure.


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