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Displaying image directly from a link to a MATLAB figure

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Is there a way to take an image directly from a link and insert it in a figure?
To be more clear an example follows:
A function with the form :
This function sould put in a figure an image of the area with the input latitude and longitude.It takes the data from google maps. Considering that the path of the link has the following form in google maps: ex.:,10.9923162,7z where the first number the latitude,the second the longitude and the third(7z) the scale of the zoom.

Answers (2)

shantanu on 27 May 2014
Have you tried passing the Url to imread function?
'imread' can read an image from the given URL
you might have to do something like the pseudo code below in fun(latitude,longitude)
url= create a string of valid URL from latitude,longitude
Hope this helps

Hadi Salah
Hadi Salah on 5 Mar 2022

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