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How do I form an 'undo' button in GUI?

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Huseyin on 19 May 2014
Commented: Mahdi on 20 May 2014
Hi, I want to add a push button to undo the last application in my interface. The interface has 5 different applications
The user first open a file as:
Then on every application
handles.lastapplication="..." is used
How can I form an undo function to get the last results before the last application. Is it possible?
I worry about that because every time on every application, "handles.lastapplication" is used. To get the last handle before the last application seems complicated
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Mahdi on 20 May 2014
I'm not too sure if there is an undo button, but a way that you can work around it is to store the results from the previous application in a matrix, and add the new application in the next row. That way, you can have a button which lets you redo the whole calculation for the previous value.

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