How to repeat a cell?

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andrew on 28 Feb 2014
Commented: andrew on 28 Feb 2014
I have a cell array and I would like to search for a specific string in the cell array and repeat that cell.
for example my cell array is 111x1 and I want to find 'a' and duplicate it right below the existing one so that the new cell array is 112x1.

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Wayne King
Wayne King on 28 Feb 2014
Edited: Wayne King on 28 Feb 2014
Does it just occur once?
x = {'b','c','d','e','f','a','y','z','h','i','j'};
x = x(:);
y = cell(length(x)+1,1);
idxarray = strcmp(x,'a');
idx = find(idxarray == 1);
y{idx+1} = 'a';
y(1:idx) = x(1:idx);
y(idx+2:end) = x(idx+1:end);
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andrew on 28 Feb 2014
How would you duplicate cells 27-50?

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