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how do i take a 384x32 matrix and make it to a 32x384 matrix?

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how do i take a 384x32 matrix and make it to a 32x384 matrix?

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Wayne King
Wayne King on 9 Jan 2014
X = randn(384,32);
X = X';
If the elements are complex-valued, then you may want .' or ' --the first does not take the conjugates, the second does.
X = randn(384,32)+1j*randn(384,32);
X = X.'; % does not conjugate
X = X'; % takes the conjugate

Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford on 9 Jan 2014
It all depends on how you want the matrix elements to be rearranged into a 32x384 matrix. If you want each of the 384 rows of 32 elements to be transposed to a column of 32 elements, then do a transpose as Wayne suggests. If you want each of those columns to be divided up into 12 successive columns with 32 elements in each, that is a different rearrangement and you should do this:
X = randn(384,32);
X = reshape(X,32,384);
And of course there are a great many other possibilities of rearrangement. You need to decide which it is you wish to have.


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