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Alon on 27 Nov 2013
Commented: Alon on 27 Nov 2013
Hello, I have made histogram shown in the picture attached. As you can see, the X lable is ticked with the numbers: 95-125 with a space of 5 from each other. Is there any way(not manually) to make the spaces as 1 so that the plot will be shown automatically as : 95,96,97,...125 ? Thanks!

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Wayne King
Wayne King on 27 Nov 2013
Use 'xtick' I'll do an example with Gaussian distributed data but I doubt you really want to space the ticks for every integer. I'll do one with a spacing of two.
x = 110+5*randn(100,1);
Just use the set() command after you call hist()
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Alon on 27 Nov 2013
hi, My program do the following thing: It reads lines from a file in a loop. in the loop I use: counts =counts+ histc(lower(line), 'a':'z');
before the prog ends I use: figure(1); bar(97:122,counts);
How do I use set function in my script? thank u

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