How can I load a set of files ordered by date and time?

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I know there is a loop that can be written to do this. I have many files ordered by time and date that I would like to load. They are in the following format:
TS2004.07.01.0600.txt ...
TS2004.07.02.0000.txt ...
How can I write the loop so that these files load without me having to manually write out the whole list?

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sixwwwwww on 31 Oct 2013
Edited: sixwwwwww on 31 Oct 2013
Dear Patrick, you can use 'dir' command to get information of all the files in a specific folder as:
files = dir('C:\Users\UserName\Desktop\*.txt'); % Get infotmation of all .txt files on Desktop
names = {}; % Get the name of files and save them in a cell array
Then you can use 'names' to load files easily. I hope it helps. Good luck!

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