MATLAB and Simulink Training

Simscape Onramp

Access through Simulink® or Simulink Online


Engaging video tutorials


Hands-on exercises with automated assessments and feedback


Lessons available in English and Japanese

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Course Overview

Familiarize yourself with the course.

10 mins


Building Simscape Models

Create your first Simscape models.

20 mins


Exploring Results

Learn how to explore the results of simulations.

15 mins


Understanding Physical Signals

Learn about how information is carried through a Simscape model.

10 mins


Initial Values in Simscape

Set initial values in your Simscape models.

10 mins


Multidomain Modeling

Model in the interactions between multiple physical domains.

20 mins


Simscape and Simulink

Implement feedback control with Simscape and Simulink.

15 mins


Project: Electronic Valve

Review what you have learned by modeling an electronic valve.

15 mins



Learn about next steps and give feedback on the course.

5 mins

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