Benefits of the Self-Paced Format

Step-by-step instruction

Hands-on exercises with automated feedback

Access to MATLAB through your web browser

Shareable progress report and course certificate

About This Course

 Lessons are available only in English.



Overview of the content covered.

5 mins


Structuring Data

Explore choices for storing data within a MATLAB application.

90 mins


Manipulating Heterogeneous Data

Manipulate data in tables, cell arrays, and structure arrays.

60 mins


Optimizing Your Code

Use common techniques for improving performance when storing, accessing, and processing data.

90 mins


Creating Flexible Functions

Write functions that can handle different numbers and types of user input values.

120 mins


Creating Robust Applications

Create robust applications that withstand unexpected input and produce meaningful errors. Use built-in MATLAB functions and programming constructs, and employ techniques for handling error conditions.

60 mins


Verifying Application Behavior

Create tests to verify the application is behaving as expected.

90 mins


Debugging Your Code

Use integrated tools to debug applications.

30 mins


Organizing Your Projects

Use folder reports, MATLAB projects, and version control to organize and manage your projects.

30 mins

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