MATLAB Fundamentals

Learn core MATLAB® functionality for data analysis, visualization, modeling, and programming at your own pace.

No MATLAB experience is required.

This course is included with select licenses.

Benefits of the Self-Paced Format

Step-by-step instruction

Hands-on exercises with automated feedback

Access to MATLAB through your web browser

Shareable progress report and course certificate

About This Course

 Lessons are available in English and Japanese.


Getting Started

Overview of the course. Entering MATLAB commands, importing and saving data, and using the MATLAB documentation.

60 mins


Plotting and Common Modifications

Create plots of vector data. Modify, annotate, and export plots.

60 mins


Working with Live Scripts

Create, use, format, and share live scripts.

45 mins


Creating and Manipulating Arrays

Create, combine, and reshape arrays.

90 mins


Accessing Data in Arrays

Extract subsets of arrays, and modify elements in an array.

75 mins


Mathematical and Statistical Operations with Arrays

Use arrays as mathematical objects or as collections of (vector) data. Understand the appropriate use of MATLAB to distinguish between these applications.

120 mins


Visualizing Data in 2D and 3D

Identify and use plot types for 2D and 3D visualization. Modify plot properties.

75 mins


Conditional Data Selection

Extract and analyze subsets of data that satisfy given criteria.

60 mins


Review Project I

Tie together several topics covered in the course.

20 mins


Tables of Data

Import data as a MATLAB table. Work with data stored as a table.

90 mins


Organizing Data

Store data in relevant data types. Operate on the data types.

120 mins


Preprocessing Data

Perform typical data preprocessing tasks in MATLAB, including normalizing data and dealing with missing data.

60 mins


Common Data Analysis Techniques

Perform common data analysis tasks in MATLAB, including smoothing data and fitting polynomials.

60 mins


Programming Constructs

Create flexible code that can interact with the user, make decisions, and adapt to different situations.

105 mins


Increasing Automation with Functions

Increase automation by encapsulating modular tasks as user-defined functions. Understand how MATLAB resolves references to files and variables.

60 mins


Troubleshooting Code

Explore MATLAB tools for debugging and measuring code performance.

30 mins


Review Project II

Tie together several topics covered in the course.

30 mins

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Looking for a Classroom Option?

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