Configure the Host Scope Viewer

You can customize the viewer for each host scope to facilitate your interaction with the running model.

This procedure uses the model xpcosc. You must have already completed the procedure in Create Host Scopes with Simulink Real-Time Explorer. Target execution and scopes must be stopped.

  1. In the Signals workspace, to add signal Integrator to host scope Scope1, drag signal Integrator to the Host Scope Viewer display.

  2. Start execution ( on the Applications toolbar).

  3. To start Scope 1, click the Start button  on the Host Scope Viewer toolbar.

  4. To trigger Scope 1, click the Trigger button  on the Host Scope Viewer toolbar.

    To trigger a capture interactively using the Trigger button , first set the scope Trigger Mode to Software or Scope.

  5. In the Simulink® Real-Time™ Host Scope Viewer, right-click anywhere in the axis area of the viewer and then click Edit.

    The Host Scope Viewer display parameter buttons become enabled on the toolbar.

  6. Adjust the Host Scope Viewer display using:

    • Auto Scale  — To scale the display to accommodate the top and bottom of the Y-axis.

    • Axes Scroll  — To move the content up and down and right and left relative to the axes. The axes scroll as required.

    • Axes Zoom  — To stretch and compress the X-axis and Y-axis.

    • Zoom In  — To zoom in on the current center of the display.

    • Zoom Out  — To zoom out from the current center of the display.

    • Zoom Box  — To select an area of interest in the display. When you release the mouse button, the display zooms in upon the selected area.

    • Data Cursor  — To display data values using a set of cross-hairs in the display.

      Data is displayed as the pair x-value,y-value, indicating the value at that point on the display. You can drag the center of the cross hairs and observe the value at each point.

    • Legends  — To toggle display of the signal names.

    • Y-Axes Scale Display  — To show the scale of the Y-axis.

  7. To stop Scope 1, click the Stop button  on the Host Scope Viewer toolbar.

  8. Stop execution ( on the Applications toolbar).

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