Creation and Execution of Real-Time Application with MATLAB

Real-time application configuration and execution

To run your real-time application in a repeatable manner, build, download, configure, and run your real-time application with MATLAB® language. You can:

  • Perform runs interactively or initiate automated runs and test sequences.

  • Tune parameters during, before, or after a run.

  • Acquire, view, and log signals on the development computer or target computer.


SimulinkRealTime.targetRepresent real-time application and target computer status
SimulinkRealTime.crashInfoRetrieve information about a target computer CPU exception
SimulinkRealTime.ApplicationRepresent application files on development computer
SimulinkRealTime.InstrumentationCreate a real-time instrumentation object


rtwbuildBuild generated code from a model
slrtInterface for managing target computer
SimulinkRealTime.createBootImageCreate Simulink Real-Time boot disk or DOS Loader files
slrtpingtargetTest communication between development and target computers
viewTargetScreenOpen real-time window on development computer
SimulinkRealTime.Application.updateRootLevelInportDataReplace external input data in a real-time application with new input data


Application Preparation and Execution

Simulate Simulink Model by Using MATLAB Language

Run a Simulink® model from the Command Window.

Define and Update Inport Data with MATLAB Language

Map root inports to source data.

Prepare Real-Time Application by Using MATLAB Language

Build the real-time application in the Command Window and download it to the target computer.

Execute Real-Time Application with MATLAB Language

Start, stop, and view the real-time application from the Command Window.

MATLAB Interface

Real-Time Application Objects

Use the MATLAB Command Window to change properties and control the target computer and your real-time application.


Troubleshooting in Simulink Real-Time

Troubleshoot problems that you encounter while using the Simulink Real-Time™ product