Set properties of scope


void xPCSetScope(int port, scopedata state);


Do not use this C API type definition. Support for this type definition relies on support for the C API, which will be removed in a future release.



Enter the value returned by the function xPCOpenTcpIpPort.


Enter a structure of type scopedata.



The xPCSetScope function will be removed in a future release. Use the xPCScSetScopePropertyName functions to access property values instead. For example, to set the number of samples to acquire in one data acquisition cycle, use xPCScSetNumSamples.

The xPCSetScope function sets the properties of a scope using a state structure of type scopedata. Set the properties you want to set for the scope. You can set several properties at the same time. For convenience, call the function xPCGetScope first to populate the structure with the current values. You can then change the desired values. Use this function only when the scope is stopped. Use xPCScGetState to determine the state of the scope.

Introduced before R2006a