xPCParameters Class

Access run-time parameters


public class xPCParameters : xPCApplicationObject


Namespace: MathWorks.xPCTarget.FrameWork

Syntax Language: C#

public class xPCParameters : xPCApplicationObject initializes a new instance of the xPCParameters class. An xPCParameters object is a container to access run-time parameters.


Do not use this .NET API class. Support for this class relies on support for the .NET API, which will be removed in a future release.


xPCParameters.LoadParameterSetLoad parameter values for real-time application
xPCParameters.RefreshRefresh state of object
xPCParameters.SaveParameterSetSave parameter values of real-time application


PropertyC# Declaration SyntaxDescription


public int NumParameters {get;}

Get the total number of tunable parameters in the real-time application.


public xPCParameter Item[int paramIdx] {get;} or

public xPCParameter Item[string blkName, string paramName] {get;}

Return reference to xPCParameter object specified by its parameter identifier (paramIdx) or parameter name (paramname).

paramIdx is a 32-bit integer parameter identifier that represents the actual signal.

blkName is a character string that specifies the block path name for the actual block that contains the parameter. paramName is a character string that specifies the parameter name.

This method returns the xPCParameter object that represents the actual parameter.

Introduced in R2011b