Restore parameter values saved in specified file



loadparamset(target_object, 'filename') restores the real-time application parameter values saved in the file filename. Save this file on a local drive of the target computer. You must have a parameter file from a previous run of the saveparamset method.

The functions saveparamset and loadparamset save or load only block parameters. You cannot use these functions to save or load parameters defined only in the model workspace.


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Load xpcosc parameters from a file named 'xpcosc_params.dat'

tg = slrt;
loadparamset(tg, 'xpcosc_param.dat')

Input Arguments

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Object that represents the target computer. Before calling this function, make sure that you start the target computer with the Simulink® Real-Time™ kernel and apply the required Ethernet link settings.

Example: tg

Enter the name of the file that contains the saved parameters.

Example: 'xpcosc_params.dat'

Data Types: char | string

Introduced in R2014a