MAC Modeling

Functions and configuration objects for 802.11™ MAC frame generation and parsing

WLAN Toolbox™ provides functions to create and parse 802.11 medium access control (MAC) frames. Use these functions to generate and decode control, management, and data frames.


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wlanMACFrameConfigCreate WLAN MAC frame configuration object
wlanMACManagementConfigCreate WLAN MAC management frame-body configuration object


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wlanMACFrameGenerate WLAN MAC frame (MPDU or A-MPDU)
wlanMSDULengthsCalculate MSDU lengths
addIE Update MAC management frame configuration object with specified IE
wlanAPEPLengthCalculate APEP length in octets
wlanPSDULengthCalculate PSDU length in octets
wlanAMPDUDeaggregateDeaggregate A-MPDU and extract MPDUs
wlanMPDUDecodeDecode MPDU
displayIEsDisplay the list of information elements (IEs)

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