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[FieldValue1,FieldValue2, ...] = get(T,'FieldName1','FieldName2', ...)
[FieldValue1,FieldValue2, ...] = get(T)


[FieldValue1,FieldValue2, ...] = get(T,'FieldName1','FieldName2', ...) returns the content of the specified fields for the WPTREE object T.

For the fields that are objects or structures, you can get the subfield contents, giving the name of these subfields as 'FieldName' values. (See “Examples” below.)

[FieldValue1,FieldValue2, ...] = get(T) returns all the field contents of the tree T.

The valid choices for 'FieldName' are


DTREE parent object


Structure (wavelet information)

The fields of the wavelet information structure, 'wavInfo', are also valid for 'FieldName':


Wavelet name


Low Decomposition filter


High Decomposition filter


Low Reconstruction filter


High Reconstruction filter


Structure (entropy information)

The fields of the entropy information structure, 'entInfo', are also valid for 'FieldName':


Entropy name


Entropy parameter

Or fields of DTREE parent object:


NTREE parent object


All nodes information


Terminal nodes information

Or fields of NTREE parent object:


WTBO parent object


Order of the tree


Depth of the tree


Split scheme for nodes


Array of terminal nodes of the tree

Or fields of WTBO parent object:


Object information


Userdata field


% Compute a wavelet packets tree
x = rand(1,1000);
t = wpdec(x,2,'db2');
o = get(t,'order');
[o,tn] = get(t,'order','tn');
[o,allNI,tn] = get(t,'order','allNI','tn');
[o,wavInfo,allNI,tn] = get(t,'order','wavInfo','allNI','tn');
[o,tn,Lo_D,EntName] = get(t,'order','tn','Lo_D','EntName');
[wo,nt,dt] = get(t,'wtbo','ntree','dtree');

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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