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Open the Unreal Editor

Since R2019b



open requires Simulink® 3D Animation™.

[status,result] = open(sim3dEditorObj) opens the Unreal Engine® project in the Unreal® Editor.

To develop scenes with the Unreal Editor and co-simulate with Simulink, you need the Vehicle Dynamics Blockset™ Interface for Unreal Engine Projects support package. The support package contains an Unreal Engine project that allows you to customize the Vehicle Dynamics Blockset scenes. For information about the support package, see Customize 3D Scenes for Vehicle Dynamics Simulations.

Input Arguments

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sim3d.Editor object for the Unreal Engine project.

Output Arguments

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Command exit status, returned as either 0 or a nonzero integer. When the command is successful, status is 0. Otherwise, status is a nonzero integer.

  • If command includes the ampersand character (&), then status is the exit status when command starts

  • If command does not include the ampersand character (&), then status is the exit status upon command completion.

Output of the operating system command, returned as a character vector. The system shell might not properly represent non-Unicode® characters.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b

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