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(Removed) Class that represents view components in architecture view

The systemcomposer.view.ViewArchitecture class has been removed. It has been replaced with the systemcomposer.view.View and the systemcomposer.view.ElementGroup classes. For further details, see Compatibility Considerations.


A ViewArchitecture describes a set of view components that make up a view. This class inherits from the systemcomposer.view.ViewElement class.


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Name of architecture derived from the parent component or model name to which the architecture belongs, returned as a character vector.

Example: name = get(objViewArchitecture,'Name')

Data Types: char

Control inclusion of referenced models, returned as a logical with values 1 (true) or 0 (false).

Example: included = get(objViewArchitecture,'IncludeReferenceModels')

Data Types: logical

Color of view architecture, returned as a character vector as a name 'blue', 'black', or 'green' or as a RGB value encoded in a hexadecimal string '#FF00FF' or '#DDDDDD'. An invalid color string results in an error.

Example: color = get(objViewArchitecture,'Color')

Description of view architecture, returned as a character vector.

Example: description = get(objViewArchitecture,'Description')

Example: set(objViewArchitecture,'Description',description)

Data Types: char

Component that owns view architecture, returned as a systemcomposer.view.BaseViewComponent object. For a root view architecture, returns an empty handle.

Example: parentComponent = get(objViewArchitecture,'Parent')

Array of handles to the set of child components of this view architecture, returned as an array of systemcomposer.view.BaseViewComponent objects.

Example: childComponents = get(objViewArchitecture,'Components')

Object Functions

addComponent(Removed) Add component to view given path
removeComponent(Removed) Remove component from view
createViewComponent(Removed) Create view component

Compatibility Considerations

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Errors starting in R2021a

Introduced in R2019b