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(Removed) Create view component

The createViewComponent function has been removed. You can create a view using the createView function and then add a component using the addElement function. Add a subgroup with the createSubGroup function. For further details, see Compatibility Considerations.



viewComp = createViewComponent(object,name) creates a new view component with the provided name.

createViewComponent is a method for the class systemcomposer.view.ViewArchitecture.


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Create view component with context view.

zcModel = systemcomposer.loadModel('KeylessEntryArchitecture');
fobSupplierView = zcModel.createViewArchitecture("FOB Locator System Supplier Breakdown",...
supplierD = fobSupplierView.createViewComponent("Supplier D");

Input Arguments

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View architecture, specified as a systemcomposer.view.ViewArchitecture object.

Name of component, specified as a character vector.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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View component, returned as a systemcomposer.view.ViewComponent object.

Compatibility Considerations

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Errors starting in R2021a

Introduced in R2019b