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Create query to select property from object or stereotype property and then evaluate property value



    query = PropertyValue(name) creates a query object that the find method and the createViewArchitecture method use to select properties or stereotype properties for objects based on specified property name and then evaluate the property value.


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    Import the package that contains all of the System Composer™ queries.

    import systemcomposer.query.*;

    Open the Simulink® project file.


    Open the model.

    m = systemcomposer.openModel('KeylessEntryArchitecture');

    Create a query to find components that contain the character vector 'Sensor' in their 'Name' property and run the query.

    constraint = PropertyValue('AutoProfile.BaseComponent.Latency')==30;
    latency = find(m,constraint,'Recurse',true,'IncludeReferenceModels',true)
    latency = 
    4×1 cell array
        {'KeylessEntryArchitecture/Door Lock//Unlock System/Front Driver Door Lock Actuator'}
        {'KeylessEntryArchitecture/Door Lock//Unlock System/Front Pass Door Lock Actuator'  }
        {'KeylessEntryArchitecture/Door Lock//Unlock System/Rear Driver Door Lock Actuator' }
        {'KeylessEntryArchitecture/Door Lock//Unlock System/Rear Pass Door Lock Actuator'   }

    Input Arguments

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    Property name for model element, specified as a character vector as fully qualified name '<profile name>.<stereotype name>.<property name>' or any property on the designated class.

    Example: 'Name'

    Example: 'AutoProfile.BaseComponent.Latency'

    Data Types: char

    Output Arguments

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    Query, returned as a systemcomposer.query.Constraint object.

    Introduced in R2019b