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Create query to select architecture elements with interface on port based on specified sub-constraint



    query = HasInterface(sub-constraint) creates a query object that the find method and the createViewArchitecture method use to select architecture elements with an interface that satisfies the given sub-constraint.


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    Select all of the port interfaces in an architecture model with matching criteria.

    Import the package that contains all of the System Composer™ queries.

    import systemcomposer.query.*;

    Open the Simulink® project file.


    Open the model.

    m = systemcomposer.openModel('KeylessEntryArchitecture');

    Create a query for all the interfaces in a port with 'KeyFOBPosition' in the 'Name' and run the query.

    constraint = HasPort(HasInterface(contains(Property('Name'),'KeyFOBPosition')));
    portInterfaces = find(m,constraint,'Recurse',true,'IncludeReferenceModels',true)
    portInterfaces =
      10×1 cell array
        {'KeylessEntryArchitecture/Door Lock//Unlock System'                      }
        {'KeylessEntryArchitecture/Door Lock//Unlock System/Door Lock Controller' }
        {'KeylessEntryArchitecture/Engine Control System'                         }
        {'KeylessEntryArchitecture/Engine Control System/Keyless Start Controller'}
        {'KeylessEntryArchitecture/FOB Locator System'                            }
        {'KeylessEntryArchitecture/FOB Locator System/FOB Locator Module'         }
        {'KeylessEntryArchitecture/Lighting System'                               }
        {'KeylessEntryArchitecture/Lighting System/Lighting Controller'           }
        {'KeylessEntryArchitecture/Sound System'                                  }
        {'KeylessEntryArchitecture/Sound System/Sound Controller'                 }

    Input Arguments

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    Condition restricting the query, specified as a systemcomposer.query.Constraint object.

    Example: contains(Property('Name'),'KeyFOBPosition')

    Output Arguments

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    Query, returned as a systemcomposer.query.Constraint object.

    Introduced in R2019b