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Develop Algorithms with Live Video Capture

Develop frame-based or pixel-streaming algorithms that operate on live camera data from your hardware

Use the Video Capture block to import live video into your Simulink® model. Then, add frame-based vision processing algorithms from Computer Vision Toolbox™ or pixel-streaming algorithms from Vision HDL Toolbox™.


Video CaptureImport live video frames from Zynq-based system
DeinterleaveConvert interleaved CbCr frame to separate components
InterleaveConvert separate Cb and Cr components into interleaved CbCr frame


Create Model Using Simulink Templates

Get started with a model configured for video processing.

Design Frame-Based Algorithms

Create a Simulink model for frame-based video processing.

Design Pixel-Streaming Algorithms for Hardware Targeting

Create a Simulink model for pixel-streaming video processing.

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