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RF Data Converter Configuration

Configure RF data converter on RFSoC device from MATLAB

The soc.RFDataConverter object configures the RF data converter on the RFSoC device from MATLAB®. This object creates an Ethernet connection to the RFSoC device, allowing control of the ADC and DAC tiles from MATLAB. To configure the RF data converter in step 1.2 of the HDL Workflow Advisor, use the soc.RFDataConverter object.


  • System Object Usage

    Use the object functions and properties of the object to configure the RF data converter.


soc.RFDataConverterConfigure the RF Data Converter on the RFSoC device from MATLAB


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setupEstablish connection with RF data converter
applyConfigurationApply settings to the RF Data Converter
releaseRelease TCP/IP connection
enableMTSEnable multi-tile synchronization mode
disableMTSDisable multi-tile synchronization mode
configureLMXPLLSet reference clock frequency of external LMX PLL
getLMXPLLReference clock frequency of external LMX PLL
readRFStatusStatus of RF-ADC and RF-DAC tiles
applyNyquistZoneUpdate Nyquist zone
applyCalibrationModeUpdate calibration mode for RF-ADC
configureADCTileConfigure the PLL and sampling rate of ADC tile
configureADCChannelConfigure decimation factor in channel of ADC tile
configureADCTileClockConfigure output clock frequency of ADC tile
configureADCMixerConfigure properties of mixer for channel in ADC tile
configureADCLocalOscillatorConfigure frequency of NCO mixer for ADC channel in RF-ADC tile
configureADCThresholdSettingsConfigure threshold settings for ADCs in real time
configureDACTileConfigure the PLL and sampling rate of DAC tile
configureDACChannelConfigure interpolation factor in channel of DAC tile
configureDACTileClockConfigure output clock frequency of DAC tile
configureDACMixerConfigure properties of mixer for channel in DAC tile
configureDACLocalOscillatorConfigure frequency of NCO mixer for DAC channel in RF-DAC tile