System object: comm.SDRuReceiver
Package: comm

Display information about SDRuReceiver System object


s = info(obj)


s = info(obj) returns a structure containing SDRu receiver System object™ information for obj.

The output structure contains hardware information and actual values for CenterFrequency, LocalOscillatorOffset, Gain, MasterClockRate, DecimationFactor, and BasebandSampleRate. If the IPAddress property includes multiple IP addresses and obj uses multiple radios, the fields Mboard, RXSubdev, TXSubdev, MinimumCenterFrequency, MaximumCenterFrequency, MinimumGain, MaximumGain, and GainStep return row vectors or cell arrays of character vectors. The number of elements in the returned fields equal the number of elements in obj.ChannelMapping.

If obj has no characteristic information, s is empty. For object specific details, refer to the help on the infoImpl method of that object.


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Create an SDRu receiver System object for a multi-channel radio configuration.

radio = comm.SDRuReceiver('Platform','X300','IPAddress','');
radio.ChannelMapping = [1 2];
radio.CenterFrequency = [1.2 1.3]*1e9;
radio.Gain = [5 6];

Call the info method.

ans = struct with fields:
                    Mboard: 'X300'
                  RXSubdev: {'UBX RX'  'UBX RX'}
                  TXSubdev: {'UBX TX'  'UBX TX'}
    MinimumCenterFrequency: [-70000000 -70000000]
    MaximumCenterFrequency: [6.0800e+09 6.0800e+09]
               MinimumGain: [0 0]
               MaximumGain: [37.5000 37.5000]
                  GainStep: [0.5000 0.5000]
           CenterFrequency: [1.2000e+09 1.3000e+09]
     LocalOscillatorOffset: 0
                      Gain: [5 6]
           MasterClockRate: 200000000
          DecimationFactor: 512
        BasebandSampleRate: 390625