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Sensor Data

Collect data from TurtleBot® sensors

TurtleBot robots publish all their sensor data on a ROS network. These functions are used to get data from different sensors off the ROS network. You can also send velocity commands to move robots using setVelocity.


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getColorImageGet color image from TurtleBot camera
getGrayImageGet grayscale image from TurtleBot camera
getDepthImageGet depth image from TurtleBot camera
getPointCloudGet point cloud image from TurtleBot camera
getLaserScanGet laser scan sensor readings from TurtleBot
getIMUGet IMU data from TurtleBot
getOdometryGet odometry reading from TurtleBot
getTransformGet transformation between two frames on the TurtleBot robot
resetOdometryReset odometry for TurtleBot
setVelocitySend linear and angular velocities to TurtleBot


turtlebotConnect to TurtleBot


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