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Query Radio Addresses

Block Parameter Radio Address

If the RTL-SDR Receiver block is connected to an RTL-SDR radio, the valid radio address appears in the Radio address parameter in the block mask. You cannot change the radio address with this parameter, but you can query a different radio in a different USB port by changing the radio address.

  1. Open model with an RTL-SDR Receiver block.

  2. Double click on the block to open the block mask.

  3. You can view the radio address of the RTL-SDR radio that this block is connected to.

System Object Property IP Address

If the receiver System object™ is connected to an RTL-SDR radio, the valid radio address can be retrieved by querying the RadioAddress property.

For example:

ans =


You can change the radio address using the same property but make sure you have configured the radio to use that port (see Configure Multiple RTL-SDR Radios) or function sdrinfo does not recognize the radio.

h.RadioAddress = '2'
h = 

  System: comm.SDRRTLReceiver

           RadioAddress: '2'      
        CenterFrequency: 102500000
         EnableTunerAGC: true     
             SampleRate: 512      
         OutputDataType: 'int16'  
        SamplesPerFrame: 1024     
    FrequencyCorrection: 0  

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