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Communications Toolbox Library for the NFC Protocol

Model and simulate communication between two NFC devices

    Near Field Communication (NFC) is a set of short-range wireless standards for simple communication between two electronic devices. NFC is used in a wide range of applications, such as mobile payment systems (Apple Pay and Google® Wallet), Automated Fare Collection systems (in public transportation), electronic door access systems, personal health monitors, and data transfers between smartphones. The typical operating range of NFC is 10 cm or less, and it operates at 13.56 MHz frequency band.

    The Communications Toolbox™ Library for the NFC Protocol allows you to model communication between two NFC devices in MATLAB®. The library allows you to simulate the following:

    • An active Initiator device (e.g. a card reader installed in a bus)

    • A passive Target device (e.g. a bus traveler’s fare card) that has a Single or Double UID (Unique Identifier)

    • Passive communication mode (e.g. a card reader interacting with a fare card)

    • Card Emulation mode and Read mode

    • Type A air interface as specified in ISO/IEC 14443-2

    • The Initialization and Anticollision sequences to establish a communication link, as specified in ISO/IEC 14443-3

    • The Transport Protocol as specified in ISO/IEC 18092, also referred to as NFCIP-1

    • Half-duplex block transmission protocol as specified in ISO/IEC 14443-4

    • Type 4 Tag Operation Specification 2.0

    • NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF)

    Communications Toolbox Library for the NFC Protocol Examples

    Near Field Communication (NFC) standard based links