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Run on Target Hardware

Run model on target hardware


Run Model on Arduino Hardware

Run a Simulink® model on Arduino® hardware.

Stop or Restart a Model on the Arduino Hardware

The Arduino hardware runs the application created from your model in the flash memory.

Tune and Monitor Model Running on Hardware

Use your host computer to monitor and control an application running on the target hardware.

Signal Monitoring and Parameter Tuning

Overview of the operation of external with attached hardware boards.

Signal Monitoring and Parameter Tuning Using Third-Party Product like CANape

Use XCP-based External mode simulation over serial for calibrating parameters in third-party product like CANape®.

Deploy Arduino Functions to Arduino Hardware Using MATLAB Function Block

Code generation of MATLAB Arduino IO functions inside a MATLAB Function block.

Additional Capabilities with Simulink Coder and Embedded Coder

Include additional capabilities for code generation.

Examples and How To

Create and Deploy Interactive Dashboard on Arduino

This example shows how to use the Simulink® Support Package for Arduino® Hardware to create and deploy an interactive dashboard panel using the Push Button, Circular Gauge, and Display blocks on your Arduino hardware.

Featured Examples