Arduino Common blocks


Analog InputMeasure voltage of analog input pin
Analog OutputGenerate voltage on the specified DAC pin
CAN Transmit Transmit message to CAN network
CAN Receive Receive message from CAN network
Continuous Servo WriteSet shaft speed of continuous rotation servo motor
Digital InputGet logical value of digital input pin
Digital OutputSet logical value of digital output pin
I2C WriteWrite data to an I2C slave device or an I2C slave device register
I2C ReadRead data from I2C slave device or I2C slave device register
SPI WriteReadWrite data to and read data from an SPI device
PWMGenerate square waveform on specified analog output pin
Serial ReceiveReceive an [Nx1] array of data on the specified serial port and write it to the Data block output. When data is not available, write 0 to the Data block output
Serial TransmitSend buffered data to the specified serial port
Standard Servo ReadGet position of standard servo motor shaft in degrees
Standard Servo WriteSet shaft position of standard servo motor
External InterruptTrigger the downstream function-call subsystem from an Interrupt Service Routine
SD Card File ReadRead data from an SD card


Model Configuration Parameters for Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware

Parameter and configuration options for creating and running applications on Simulink® Support Package for Arduino® Hardware

Use Serial Communications with Arduino Hardware

Configure serial communications

Support I2C Communication

Support I2C Communication

Support SPI Communication

SPI, or Serial Peripheral Interface, is a synchronous, full duplex serial communication protocol between high speed devices over short distances.