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Full factorial design


dFF = fullfact(levels)


dFF = fullfact(levels) gives factor settings dFF for a full factorial design with n factors, where the number of levels for each factor is given by the vector levels of length n. dFF is m-by-n, where m is the number of treatments in the full-factorial design. Each row of dFF corresponds to a single treatment. Each column contains the settings for a single factor, with integer values from one to the number of levels.


The following generates an eight-run full-factorial design with two levels in the first factor and four levels in the second factor:

dFF = fullfact([2 4])
dFF =
   1   1
   2   1
   1   2
   2   2
   1   3
   2   3
   1   4
   2   4

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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