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Three-Phase Synchronous Machine Governor Control Design

This example script shows how you can linearize a Simscape™ Electrical™ model to support control system stability analysis and design. It uses example model SMGovernorDesign.

The Synchronous Machine in this example operates as a generator. The machine is initialized to start in periodic steady state to supply a load of 250 MW/15 Mvar.

An alternative and recommended way to linearize Simulink® and Simscape models is to use Simulink Control Design™. Simulink Control Design linearizes your model at operating points you specify. It also returns a state-space model object with state names. If you have Simulink Control Design, open the model SMGovernorDesign. On the Apps tab, under Control Systems, click Model Linearizer. In the Model Linearizer, on the Linear Analysis tab, in the Setup section, select Operating Point > Linearize At. Set the simulation snapshot time to 4 seconds, then click OK. In the Linearize section, click Bode.

Open Model

Open the model.

Trim Model

Trim the model by running closed-loop and selecting the state at 4 seconds when generator is in steady-state.

Linearize Speed-Control Feedback Loop

Open the speed-control feedback loop, linearize the model, and close the speed-control feedback loop.

Bode Diagram

Plot the Bode diagram.