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Import Induction Machine (Squirrel Cage) Flux Linkage Data from Motor-CAD

This example shows how you can import an induction motor design from Motor-CAD™ into a Simscape™ model.

Flux Linkage Data

This example shows how to parameterize a Simscape™ Induction Machine (Squirrel Cage) model with flux linkage tables from Motor-CAD™. The flux linkage tables capture the saturation effects and the electrical dynamics. You can model the stator and rotor Joule losses with specified resistance values from Motor-CAD™. You can model rotor proximity-effect losses with tabulated rotor resistance data in function of rotor AC frequency.

To generate the flux linkage tables and rotor resistance tables, follow the corresponding Motor-CAD™ tutorial.


In this test, the induction machine is connected to a three-phase current source. The current amplitude and frequency are constant. The shaft of the machine is driven by an angular velocity source. The shaft is accelerated to assess the machine behavior at different slip values.

Simulation Results from Simscape Logging

The plot below shows the simulated torque, power, flux linkages, and currents.

Torque Map Validation

The plot below shows the machine steady-state torque and flux maps in function of d-axis stator current and q-axis stator current. The map is plotted as a surface. The line on the surface is the simulation result for this particular setup. Any quasi-steady-state operation of the machine should be a line surfing the torque map.