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Three-Phase Sine Generator

Generate three-phase balanced signal, amplitude, phase, and frequency controlled by block inputs


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  • Three-Phase Sine Generator block


Use the Three-Phase Sine Generator block to generate a three-phase balanced sinusoidal signal (positive-sequence). This vectorized signal usually represents a set of three-phase voltages or currents. Three inputs let you control the amplitude, phase, and frequency of the three-phase output signal.


Sample time

Specify the sample time of the block, in seconds. Set to 0 to implement a continuous block. Default is 0.

Inputs and Outputs

mag u

Specify the amplitude of the three-phase output signal.

angle u

Specify the angle, in degrees, of the three-phase output signal.


Specify the frequency, in hertz, of the three-phase output signal.


Returns the three-phase signal.


Angle (rad) varying between 0 and 2*pi, synchronized on zero crossings of the fundamental (positive-sequence) of phase A.


Sample Time
  • Specified in the Sample Time parameter

  • Continuous if Sample Time = 0

Scalar ExpansionNo


The power_ThreePhaseSineGenerator model shows the use of the Three-Phase Sine Generator block.

The initial three-phase signal is set to 1 pu, 60 Hz, 90 deg. The following variations are applied on amplitude and frequency while phase stays constant:

  • From 0.1 s to 0.4 s, frequency is ramped from 60 Hz to 63 Hz.

  • From 0.2 s to 0.4 s, amplitude is sinusoidally modulated with an amplitude of 0.4 pu and a frequency of 5 Hz.

Measured amplitude and frequency are compared with specified values.

The model sample time is parameterized with variable Ts (default value Ts = 50e-6). To simulate the continuous Three-Phase Programmable Generator block, specify Ts = 0 in the command window.

Version History

Introduced in R2013a