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PWM Generator (DC-DC)

Generate pulse for PWM-controlled DC-DC converter


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  • PWM Generator (DC-DC) block


The PWM Generator (DC-DC) block outputs a pulse to fire the MOSFET, GTO, or IGBT switch of a one-quadrant converter (buck or boost). The duty cycle of the generator is specified by the input D. A value between 0 and 1 determines the percentage of the pulse period that the output is on.


Switching frequency (Hz)

Specify the switching frequency Fsw of the generator, in hertz. The switching frequency is the frequency of the internal sawtooth signal used to generate the pulse. Default is 5000.

Sample time

Specify the sample time of the block, in seconds. Set to 0 to implement a continuous block. Default is 0.

Inputs and Outputs


The duty cycle of the generator. Specify a signal with a value between 0 and 1.


Outputs the pulse.


Sample TimeSpecified in the Sample Time parameter
Continuous if Sample Time = 0
Scalar ExpansionNo


The power_PWMGeneratorDCDC example shows the operation of the PWM Generator (DC-DC) block. Run the simulation for various duty cycles values and observe the resulting voltage and current on the Scope block.

The model sample time is parameterized with variable Ts (default value Ts = 500e-9). To run a continuous simulation, at the MATLAB® command prompt, enter

Ts = 0
and set the Simulation type parameter of the Powergui block to Continuous before starting the simulation.

Version History

Introduced in R2013a