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Mean (Phasor)

Compute mean value of input phasor over a running window of one cycle of specified frequency


Simscape / Electrical / Specialized Power Systems / Sensors and Measurements

  • Mean (Phasor) block


The Mean (Phasor) block filters an AC sinusoidal component that is added to the DC component of a phasor signal. Filtering is performed by computing the average values of real and imaginary parts of the input phasor, using a running window of one cycle of the specified fundamental frequency.


Fundamental frequency (Hz)

Specify the fundamental frequency, in hertz, to determine the period (1/F) of the running average window. Default is 60.

Initial input (DC component)

Specify the initial DC component of the input signal. If the input is a vectorized signal, specify a 1-by-N vector, where each value corresponds to a particular input. Default is 0.

Sample time

Specify the sample time of the block, in seconds. Set to 0 to implement a continuous block. Default is 0.


Direct FeedthroughYes
Sample TimeSpecified in the Sample Time parameter
Continuous if Sample Time = 0
Scalar ExpansionYes, of the parameters
StatesTwo states per filter


The power_PhasorMeasurements example shows the use of the Mean (Phasor) block.

Version History

Introduced in R2013a