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Class: simscape.multibody.RigidBody
Namespace: simscape.multibody

Add connector to Rigidbody object

Since R2022a


addConnector(rb,connectorName) adds a connector named connectorName to the simscape.multibody.RigidBody object, rb. The connector corresponds to an existing frame at the top level of the rb object, and connectorName must have the same name as the frame.

Note that the addConnector method can only add a connector to a top-level frame of a Rigid object, and a frame can only have one connector.

Input Arguments

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Rigid body, specified as a simscape.multibody.RigidBody object. The rb object is the RigidBody object to which you add the connector.

Name of the connector, specified as a string scalar or character vector. The names of the connector and the corresponding frame must be the same.

Example: "arm"

Data Types: char | string



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Version History

Introduced in R2022a