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Save and Reload Parameters by Using Simulink Real-Time Explorer

After you load a real-time application with parameter values, you can use Simulink Real-Time Explorer to save those values to a parameter set file on the target computer or the development computer. You can then reload these parameter values from the file to the same real-time application. To ease the process of tuning parameters, use the explorer parameter set workflow. For more information, see Simulink Real-Time Explorer.

In Simulink Real-Time Explorer, you save or load parameters by using the Save Param Set or Load Param Set buttons on the Parameters tab. These buttons provide similar save and restore parameter operation as available by using the target object methods saveParamSet and loadParamSet.

Requirements in Simulink Real-Time Explorer:

  • Connect to the target computer.

  • Load a real-time application on the target computer.

  • View the Parameters tab.

    The Save Param Set and Load Param Set buttons are visible when the application has parameters.

By using the Save Param Set or Load Param Set buttons, you can save or load the parameter set file from the development computer or target computer. See the figure.

For information about other parameter set operations, see Save and Reload Parameters by Using the MATLAB Language.

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