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Simulink Real-Time

Build, run, and test real-time applications

Simulink® Real-Time™ lets you create real-time applications from Simulink models and run them on Speedgoat® target computer hardware connected to your physical system. It is designed for real-time simulation and testing tasks, including rapid control prototyping (RCP), DSP and vision system prototyping, and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation.

With Simulink Real-Time you can extend your Simulink models with blocks from the Speedgoat I/O Blockset and automatically build real-time applications. Tests can be automated or run interactively on a Speedgoat target computer equipped with a real-time kernel, multicore CPUs, I/O and protocol interfaces, and FPGAs.

Simulink Real-Time and Speedgoat target computer hardware are designed to work together to create real-time systems for desktop, lab, and field environments. The software and hardware solution supports the latest versions of MATLAB® and Simulink.

Get Started

Learn the basics of Simulink Real-Time

Speedgoat Target Computers and I/O Hardware

Choose a Speedgoat target computer and I/O hardware

System Configuration

Development and target computer configuration, target computer boot method, confidence test

Model Preparation for Real-Time Execution

Driver and communication protocol blocks, techniques for creating custom blocks

Real-Time Application Creation and Execution

Real-time application building and running, control from development and target computers

Control and Instrumentation

Interactive signal and parameter instrumentation with Simulink Real-Time and MATLAB language, signal tracing and logging, and parameter tuning

Standalone Operation

Real-time applications and App Designer applications deployed with MATLAB

Performance Optimization

Execution optimization by using the execution profiler and concurrent execution

Troubleshooting in Simulink Real-Time

Troubleshoot problems that you encounter while using the Simulink Real-Time product