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Inlined Parameters

Setting Default parameter behavior to Inlined on the Optimization pane of the Configuration Parameters dialog box optimizes Simulink® models by transforming tunable parameters into constant values. For example, suppose that you have a Gain block whose Gain parameter is a, where a is defined in the model workspace. During code generation, Simulink converts that Gain parameter to a constant value, as defined in the workspace.

When Simulink Design Verifier™ translates a model, it transforms all tunable parameters in the model into constant values, even if you set Default parameter behavior to Tunable.

To tune parameters for an analysis, define parameter values in a parameter configuration file and specify that file in the Configuration Parameters > Design Verifier > Parameters pane to apply those parameter values during the analysis. For example, to constrain the values of a Gain parameter a to integer values from 4 to 10, in the parameter configuration file, specify the following:

params.a = int8([4 10]);

The analysis generates the specified values and returns results for those values.

For detailed information about how to specify parameters during a Simulink Design Verifier analysis, see Use Parameter Table.