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Manage Tuning Goals

Control System Tuner lets you designate one or more tuning goals as hard goals. This designation gives you a way to differentiate must-have goals from nice-to-have goals. Control System Tuner attempts to satisfy hard requirements by driving their associated cost functions below 1. Subject to that constraint, the software comes as close as possible to satisfying remaining (soft) requirements. For best results, make sure you can obtain a reasonable design with all goals treated as soft goals before attempting to enforce any goal as a hard constraint.

By default, new goals are designated soft goals. In the Tuning tab, click Manage Goals to open the Manage tuning goals dialog box. Check Hard for any goal to designate it a hard goal.

You can also designate any tuning goal as inactive for tuning. In this case the software ignores the tuning goal entirely. Use this dialog box to select which tuning goals are active when you tune the control system. Active is selected by default for any new goals. Clear Active for any design goal that you do not want enforced.

For example, if you tune with the following configuration, Control System Tuner optimizes StepRespGoal1, subject to MarginsGoal1. The tuning goal PolesGoal1 is ignored.

All tuning goals you have created in the Control System Tuner session are listed in the dialog box. To edit an existing tuning goal, select it in the list and click Edit. To delete a tuning goal from the list, select it and click Remove.

To add more tuning goals to the list, in Control System Tuner, in the Tuning tab, click New Goal. For more information about creating tuning goals, see Specify Goals for Interactive Tuning.