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Check Analysis Point Placement

Incorrect placement of analysis points, including linearization I/Os and loop openings, can result in blocks being inappropriately included in or excluded from the linearization result linearization.

Check Linearization I/O Points Placement

After linearizing the model, check the block linearization values to determine which blocks are included in the linearization.

Blocks can be missing from the linearization path for different reasons.

Incorrect placement linearization I/O points can result in inappropriately excluded blocks from linearization. To fix the problem, specify correct linearization I/O points and repeat the linearization. For more information, see Specify Portion of Model to Linearize.

Blocks that linearize to zero (and other blocks on the same path) are excluded from linearization. To fix this problem, troubleshoot linearization of individual blocks, as described in Block Linearization Troubleshooting.

Check Loop Opening Placement

Incorrect loop opening placement causes unwanted feedback signals in the linearized model.

To fix the problem, check the individual block linearization values to identify which blocks are included in the linearization. If undesired blocks are included, place the loop opening on a different signal and repeat the linearization.

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