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Linearize model, visualize linearized system characteristics during simulation

A linearization is a linear approximation of a nonlinear system that is valid in a small region around a specific operating point. Simulink® Control Design™ software has both command-line linearization tools and a graphical Model Linearizer. For information about choosing linearization tools, see Choose Linearization Tools. For more information about linearization concepts, see Linearize Nonlinear Models.


  • Linearization Basics
    Define system to linearize, plot linear response, validate linearization results
  • Visualization During Simulation
    View linearized system characteristics, such as Bode response and gain and phase margins, during simulation
  • Batch Linearization
    Extract and analyze multiple linearizations for a model; vary parameter values, operating points, I/O sets; implement linear parameter varying (LPV) models
  • Troubleshooting Linearization Results
    Fix systems and blocks that do not linearize as expected, linearize blocks for specialized applications