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Simulink Signal Lines Distribution

Metric ID



Use this metric to determine the distribution of the number of signal lines in a unit or component.

The metric uses find_system to find the signal lines.

The metric includes:

  • Simulink® signal lines that the model uses

  • Commented lines

  • Each individual branch line

  • Unterminated lines


To collect data for this metric, use getMetrics with the metric identifier slcomp.SignalLinesDistribution.


For this metric, instances of metric.Result return Value as a distribution structure that contains these fields:

  • BinCounts — The number of artifacts in each bin, returned as a vector.

  • BinEdges — Bin edges for the number of signal lines, returned as a vector. BinEdges(1) is the left edge of the first bin and BinEdges(end) is the right edge of the last bin. The length of BinEdges is one more than the length of BinCounts.

The bins in this metric result correspond to the bins in the Signal Lines row and Distribution column in the Simulink Architecture section.

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