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Find definitions of key terminology for working with virtual worlds.


The process of running a dynamic system in nonreal time to observe its behavior.

virtual figure object

A handle to a Simulink® 3D Animation™ viewer window.

virtual node object

A handle to a node in a virtual world that allows access to the node's properties.

Virtual Reality Modeling Language

The specification for displaying three-dimensional objects using a VRML viewer.

virtual world

An imaginary world where you can navigate around objects in three dimensions.

virtual world object

A handle to a virtual world that allows you to interact with and control the world.


Virtual Reality Modeling Language. See Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML).


(Extensible 3D) ISO standard is an open standards file format and runtime architecture for representing and communicating 3D scenes and objects. X3D and VRML share many similar approaches, such as their coordinate systems and the description of objects using nodes and their fields. X3D provides several extensions, including additional nodes, fields, encoding, scene access interfaces, additional rendering control, and geospatial support. See X3D Support.