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Simulate with the Simulink 3D Animation Viewer

You can start and stop simulations of the virtual world from the Simulink® 3D Animation™ viewer through the menu bar, toolbar, or keyboard.

  • From the menu bar, select the Simulation menu Start or Stop option.

  • From the toolbar, click Start/pause/continue simulation or Stop simulation.

  • From the keyboard, press Ctrl+T to toggle between starting or stopping the simulation.


    The Ctrl+T operation is available only if you started the viewer from a Simulink model. If you start the viewer through the MATLAB® interface, no Simulink model is associated with the viewer. You cannot start and stop the simulation in this case.

Adjust Navigation Settings

During simulation of a model, objects in the associated virtual world displayed in the Simulink 3D Animation can disappear as the objects get closer to the viewer or go away from the user. In the virtual world, you can adjust how the near and far clipping planes (which control when objects disappear as they move toward or away from the viewer) are calculated. In the NavigationInfo node, you can adjust the avatarSize and VisibilityLimit fields to adjust the clipping planes so that the objects are visible during the simulation.

For example, suppose the virtual world has a static large scene with no close object in view, and the simulation causes an airplane to move nearby from the left to the right of your view. This example shows some of the NavigationInfo fields that you can adjust:

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