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Specify Project Details, Startup Folder, and Derived Files Folders

On the Project tab, in the Environment section, click Details. Use the Project Details dialog box for the following tasks:

  • Edit the project name or add a description.

  • View the Project root folder. You can change your project root by moving your entire project on your file system, and reopening your project in its new location. All project file paths are stored as relative paths. To change the current working folder to your project root, click Set as Current Folder.

  • View or edit the Start up folder. By default, this is set to the project root. When you open the project, the current working folder changes to the project root folder. You can specify a different startup folder or click Clear.

    You can also configure startup scripts that set the current folder and perform other setup tasks. If you configure startup files to set the current folder, your startup setting takes precedence over the startup folder at the Project Details dialog box. To set up startup files, see Automate Startup Tasks.

  • View or edit the Dependency cache file. By default, the dependency cache file is stored in the preferences folder. You can create and specify a different cache file, for example, [project root]/dependencycache.graphml or click Clear.

  • View or edit the Generated Files folders. You can set the Simulation cache folder and Code generation folder. For details, see Manage Build Process Folders (Simulink Coder).

  • If you edit any project details, then click OK to save your changes.

If you are looking for source control information for your project, see instead the details button for your source control in the Source Control section of the Project tab, e.g., SVN Details. See Add a Project to Source Control.

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